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For carpentry and woodworking services, no one in the region can compete with the craftsmanship, integrity, and affordable prices of J. Brooks Contracting. Our team of professional carpenters brings together form and function in their craft. When it comes to wood structure repair, fabrication, and finishing, our carpentry services rank #1.

Hire us for carpentry alone or combine it with other general contracting services by calling us now!

Countertop Installation

For kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and more, J. Brooks Contracting offers top-tier countertop installation services. Homeowners know that when they hire us, they’re getting a team of licensed professionals with years of experience and a dedication to exceptional customer service. We work hard and we work fast to provide our clients with the remodeling services they need. It’s no surprise that most of our clients contract with us year after year!

Become one of our many residential clients by calling us now for an accurate and up-front quote on countertop installation!

Door Services

For front doors, back doors, side doors, and more, there’s only one company you need to call—J. Brooks Contracting. We offer comprehensive door repair, installation, and maintenance services to suit every need. Homeowners rely on our door services to achieve the curb appeal they want and the security they need.

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General Contractor

If you’re in need of a residential general contractor that puts your vision first, you’re in the right place. We are J. Brooks Contracting, a local general contractor that prioritizes planning, craftsmanship, and hard work.

Combine this with our team of specialized contractors, reliable subcontractors, and an impressive portfolio, and it’s clear why we’re the top-rated general contractor in the region.

Flooring Installation

Working with residential clients, J. Brooks Contracting has established itself as one of the region’s leading flooring contractors. We offer installation services for a broad range of flooring types and styles. Transform your property into one you can be proud of with new floors that look great and are built to last.

Call us now to get a quote on flooring installation services.

Gutter Services

Your gutters are designed to protect your home’s foundation from water damage. That’s why you need a gutter contractor that provides reliable installation, repair, and maintenance services. Around here, there’s only one gutter company that does it all at an affordable price—J. Brooks Contracting.

Call us today to get an assessment and quote for gutter services.

Hardwood Floors

If you want a floor that’s built to last and gets better with age, then you need hardwood flooring. J. Brooks Contracting’s team of flooring experts provides the total package. With top-quality flooring materials and a range of services that include hardwood floor installation, repair, refinishing, and maintenance, we have established ourselves as the region’s go-to choice for hardwood flooring.

Ready to get started on transforming your space? Get in touch with us at (401) 258-7027 to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

Home Repairs

Sometimes it feels like owning a home is a full-time job. Whether you’re fixing the back steps, repairing your hardwood flooring, or filling the hole in your drywall—there’s always something to do around the house. Take back your time and your freedom by hiring J. Brooks Contracting to do it for you.

With affordable pricing, quick project delivery, and top-quality craftsmanship, we’ve established ourselves as the first choice for handyman services in the local area. Have a job or two in mind? Give us a call for a quote!

Home Improvement

There’s no better way to make your house your home than with home improvement projects. When local homeowners need renovations and remodeling done properly, they hire J. Brooks Contracting. With a reputation for quick work that exceeds expectations, it’s no surprise that we’ve become the go-to choice for home improvement contractors in the region.

Keep reading to learn more or call us now to get a quote on your next project!

House Painting

Looking to add a dash of color to your next remodeling project? Want to brighten up your living space without breaking the bank? You need the help of J. Brooks Contracting. Our experienced team of painters will transform your home with the power of color and light. Moreover, we’ll do it quickly and all for a great price.

Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our residential painting services.

Residential Roof Repair

When you have problems with your roof, you don’t have time to wait—you need help, fast! You need J. Brooks Contracting. We are proud to be one of the most responsive roof repair services in the area. Our roofers have years of experience assessing and repairing a wide range of residential roofing systems. They work fast and efficiently so that your roof can continue to protect you for many years to come!

Call us now for a quote or service visit!

Roof Waterproofing

J. Brooks Contracting offers roof waterproofing services that will maintain the structural integrity of your roof for years. With options for residential clients, our waterproof roof membranes are specially designed to withstand harsh UV rays and other elemental conditions. We offer repair and installation services that will keep your roof in top condition for longer.

Click the link below to get a quote on roof waterproofing services.

Residential Roofing

J. Brooks Contracting is the go-to choice for homeowners in need of roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team is certified to work with a wide range of roofing systems, making us one of the most versatile roofers on the market. Our traditional approach to business means that we put honesty, integrity, and hard work on a pedestal. When you put your roof in our hands, you can rest assured you’ll have a well-built, long-lasting roof.

If you’re looking for a roofer that combines quality and affordability, call us now for a quote!

Window Installation

There’s no better way to improve your property’s energy efficiency than by updating and modernizing your windows. At J. Brooks Contracting, we specialize in installing a wide range of windows, designed with the customer in mind. With high-quality windows, expert installation services, and fair prices, there’s no reason to choose any other contractor.

Reduce your energy consumption and save on your monthly bills by getting a quote from the region’s best window installation company now!

Architectural Shaped Windows

Shaped architectural windows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Some window shapes include half circle windows, arched windows, triangular windows, trapezoidal windows, octagonal windows, eyebrow windows, and cathedral windows.

Bow & Bay Windows

Bay windows are window combinations that project outward from a home. These dramatic combinations can add space, volume and light to a room and add more personality to any home—inside and out. Our casement bay windows are extremely energy efficient and give you a wide array of decorative and performance options. They can easily replace traditional flat windows, which means you can dramatically change a room without major remodeling.

Click the link below to get a quote on Bow & Bay Windows services.

Basement Hopper Windows

Basement hopper window opens inward from the top of the window sash on a horizontal axis. Basement hopper windows can be made to fit shorter height requirements, which are found in many basement window openings. They close with an exceptionally tight fit, which offers a perfect seal to resist water penetration. Additionally, basement hopper windows are affordable and allow you to easily add windows to a refinished basement.

Colonial Grid

Our colonial grid windows offer an immense amount of options and style for your homes exterior. If your home has a special color scheme, then don’t worry! We have a whole number of exterior finishes that can be used to match your home’s exterior color. Additionally, we have a number of interior finishes, including our wood grain finish, to enhance your home.

Casement & Awnings Windows

Casement and awning windows are perfect for hard to reach areas. Traditional locations for these windows are over a kitchen sink or in a projecting window, like a bow or bay. The single crank operator can open and close the window with ease. Casement and awning windows will also allow more light and visibility that other styles.

Garden Windows

Garden window units project out from the wall of the house. Most of the time garden units have two ventilating side units are trapezoidal casement units that open outwards with a crank. The center unit and the roof are picture windows.

Double Hung Windows

J. Brooks Contracting offers the highest quality professionally installed double-hung windows. Our energy efficient replacement windows are built to last the seasons. We use Anderson windows and offer full warranties.

Gliding Windows

J. Brooks Contracting offers sliding windows or pocket windows for your home. Sliding windows operate by sliding open horizontally. One window sash slides in a pocket past the other. Screens are easily removed or replaced. The window sashes glide on beautiful brass rollers to provide easier and smoother operation.

Patio Door Installation

Gliding patio doors have at least one door panel that glides smoothly past another. They save room and open up a space. Our gliding patio doors give your home the old-world character of traditional French doors along with the convenience and space savings no hinged door can provide. We use the highest quality manufacturers, so they are just as effective in sealing drafts and moisture out of your home.

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